Veronica Ricci Smokes That Green Bikini

Saturday, March 25, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I think red-heads are some of the hottest babes around. And Veronica Ricci is one of the sexiest of them all. In her pale green bikini, long auburn tresses cascading all around her chest and shoulders, she is so sweet she makes my teeth hurt. Then she thrusts that hip out, grabs her tits, and let’s us…almost…see her little cunny and man, you know your boner’s getting hard now. But Veronica Ricci doesn’t stop there.

Now the panties are down and she’s showing off that sweet little pussy, all lickably delicious and supremely fuckable. How can you not want to drive your dick right on home when she gets on her knees or back, especially when she’s touching herself and getting all hot and worked up for you? Veronica Ricci is a red-headed sex tart and must be had!

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Welcome to the Veronica Ricci Blog

Monday, March 20, 2017

Welcome to the Veronica Ricci Blog, where we will have all the hottest pictures of Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner Up for 2010. Be sure to check back often as we will be updating all the time!

Veronica Ricci Has Sexy Park Interlude With Celeste Star

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Veronica Ricci loves getting together with her sexy friend Celeste Star. These two love when they’re able to get out to the park and get close. Even when things start off as just a nice little picnic, it quickly heats up. Veronica is so sexually aggressive – she gets what she wants when she wants it. It’s a good thing that kind of thing is what really gets Celeste’s pussy throbbing!

When Veronica gets like this, Celeste has no other choice but to succumb to it. She wants to feel her friend’s lips against her, nipples grazing against her skin, fingers digging deep into her cunt. The redheaded harlot Veronica stands above Celeste, her cunt right at her mouth. She makes her lap at her pussy until she cums, only then does she get the same.

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Veronica Ricci Opens Bikini Top to Bare Boobies

Sunday, March 12, 2017

When it’s so hot outside, the only way to cool down from sunbathing is by slipping into a nice cool shower. Veronica Ricci looks smokin’ in her tight silver bikini. Each piece hugs her curvy body and makes you focus in on those sweet spots. She wants your eyes permanently glued to her and she’s ensuring that by whipping out her tits and ass.

The cool water rushes over her body as she strips. The more she pulls her suit off, the more areas the water gets to. Feeling the water cascade over her skin turns her on. This minx can’t help but be completely horny by the end of her shower!

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Veronica Ricci Looks Hot in Black and Green Lingerie

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Veronica Ricci is feeling especially hot today. She’s just found the most amazing bustier and matching panties to go with her stockings, and she’s ready to show off just how hot and sexy it makes her feel. She wants to pose and strip and see if she can make you feel as sexy for her along the way. This dark haired beauty just loves to treat the boys extra special.

Veronica Ricci always knows what she’s doing when she’s posing for her fans, and you are no exception. She wants you hard for her. Not just hard, but bursting out of your pants hard. She wants you to be unable to help but to touch yourself. That’s when Veronica Ricci knows that she has done her job well.

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Veronica Ricci Can’t Get Enough of Aaliyah Love

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Veronica Ricci loves when Aaliyah Love comes over to play. She’s always tempted into doing some naughty things and today isn’t any different! She’s ready to peel that dress off her hot blonde friend and get her tongue all over that body!

It doesn’t take much convincing to get Aaliyah on her back and legs spread. Veronica just wants to taste her skin, run her tongue along her body until she gets to her cunt. These hot lesbians simply refuse to stop until the both of them are cumming over and over!

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Veronica Ricci Is One Hot Biker Babe

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Veronica Ricci has good taste in motorcycles. She loves her Indian motorcycle and she looks like one hot motorcycle-ridin’ mama on it, too – especially in short jean shorts and skimpy tee with her bra showing. Problem is, the vibration between her legs starts making her crazy horny so she’s decided to stop in the desert by the old joshua tree and find some relief.

Soon she’s out of her shirt and sliding a hand down into her shorts. Her clit is aching with desire as she touches it. She takes her shorts off and leans against the tree, enjoying the cool air on her body. But then she decides that since the bike is what got her in the first place, letting it buzz her clit while naked might be just the trick. It works, leaving her very fulfilled, yet ready for more! Nice bike!

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Veronica Ricci Needs the Touch of a Woman

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Veronica Ricci and Jenna Rose were supposed to go on a double date tonight, but the stupid men canceled at the last moment. Now the two women are alone and annoyed and ready to take their troubles out on each other in a horny way.

Soon they are caressing and undressing each other and enjoying the feel of all that soft skin. They kiss and touch tongues and enjoy the taste and smell as their bare breasts rub against each other, making their nipples hard.

They pull out their favorite toys from purses and their pussies get wet with the thought of the mutual fucking yet to come. But first they will fantasize that their men are titty-fucking them while they kiss, before sliding those babies home inside wet cunts. If only their stupid men could see them now!

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Veronica Ricci Strips Out of Leather Shorts

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Get the thought of Veronica Ricci being some sweet innocent babe right out of your head. This girl is one hot badass that road into town on her bike and is taking this diner over by storm!

As she’s atop the booth table, she’s well aware that she has the crowd eating out of the palm of her hand. As her scarlet top comes up, those big juicy tits are on full display!

She soon loses her leather shorts so you can admire the entire package – one of the hottest brunettes that’s come to take over! She’s hypnotizing men with those perky breasts and delectable tight little snatch. Get ready for Veronica to add you to her most wanted list.

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Veronica Ricci Drying Poolside

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Veronica Ricci doesn’t need to pack a bikini. When this brunette babe sees a pool, she’ll hop right in wearing only her bra and panties without any problem.

Now that she’s gotten her fill of the cool water, she lays on the warm cement surrounding the pool. Her white lingerie now soaking wet becomes see through, giving all the men around watching access to see those huge breasts of hers.

They don’t need to wonder or look too hard because Veronica wants to give them a real show, proceeding to strip it all off until she’s nude for everyone to see. This is the kind of babe whom you lust after; admiring every curve from her big breasts, over her hips, and down to the little bald slit between her thighs.

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